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Mai Doha

Mai Doha,has become a household name in qatar for pure drinking water. If we could make such a mark in the Qatari marketin just about a year, it’s because we pursued the vision of vision of our Chairman. Mr. Yousaf Ahmed S A Al Yafei, our Chairman, foresaw the ever-increasing thirst for pure drinking water in qatar, a nation which is on the fast track of development. He was convinced of the need for a highly advanced and productive filtration unit to meet that demand commercially which led to the foundation of Mai Doha.

Mai Doha, now has the most-modren filtration unit, srvice-oriented staff and a large fleet of distribution vehicles, to meet the demand for pure and well-balanced drinking water. No wonder, in a short span of time , we have carved out a niche for ourselves as a leading drinking water company in Qatar, and our popularity is gaining momentum by the day. Learning from our encouraging experience, we remain committed to high production standards, balanced mineral composition, efficient distribution network and prompt customer service. This has helped Mai Doha gain the trust of all consumers and build long-lasting relationship with them.

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Quality Assurance

We are 100% compliant to the National Drinking Water regulations, and all our brands strictly adhere to the specifications set forth by the authorities. Our drinking water samples are subject to quality tests at the national laboratories on a daily basis and our bottling plants undergo annual inspections. We use bottles that are transparent and neutral colored,to reveal the real purity of water, and not color-enchanced bottles to feign purity. Re-bottling is done under strict supervision, after a series of cleaning, deodorizing and detoxification

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We have a large fleet of distribution vehicles,manned by a team of courteous and service oriented staff, to bring Mai Dohawater to your doorsteps,be it your house or office. In the run-up towards becoming a world-class company, we are continually enchancing our production facilities, supply chain infrastructure, logistics and human resources for improved customer experience.

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