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Mai Doha drinking water is pleased to introduce itself as a new entrant in the market for supply of revitalizing, refreshing, pure clean & healthy mineralized water

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PH Value 7.4 Calsium 12 Sodium 1.9 mg/L Magnesium 8 Chloride 27 Sulphate 22
Potassium 3 Bicarbonates 31 Total Disolved Solids 110 Bromate < 5ug/1
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Mai Doha

Water is the elixir of life only if it is pure. Mai Doha is synonymous with purity and you can simply believe in it. Furthermore, it is refreshing and mineral balanced. The proven technologies together with the dedicated manpower ensure the water off from all impurities and substantiate its purity, hygiene and vitality. Mai Doha pure drinking water help you to maintain body water level and keep you healthy


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We are providing the best service and have a large fleet of distribution vehicles, manned by a team of courteous and service-oriented staff, to bring Mai Doha water to your doorsteps, and our current large client list is Schools, government sectors, construction work site, offices, restaurants, clinical laboratories and residents across Qatar.