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MAI DOHA provides a comprehensive selection of bottled mineral water and water dispenser products to meet any hydration needs.

5 Gallon

It’s the best and perfect choice for household and commercial uses such as offices, schools, Hotels e.t.c.

200 ml

Enjoy it all in one go, this practical bottle has the equivalent of 0.8 glasses of water.

350 ml

Right-sized companion for any occasion. This convenient bottle has the equivalent of 1.4 glasses of water.

500 ml

Perfect for people at social events and more. This handy bottle has the equivalent of two glasses of water.

1.5 Litre

Ideal for sharing with family and friends. This large bottle has the equivalent of six glasses of water.


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Coupon System

Our coupon system provides you better service and convenience for payment. With the help of our coupon system we can deliver Mai Doha drinking Water at your doorstep even in your absence.

Hot & Cold water dispenser

For home/office use. A range of models to suit your needs External heater to preserve the taste of hot water.

Table top water dispenser

Attractive table top models. Hold up to 5-gallon, Handy and child safe.

Pet manual dispenser

Pet manual dispenser is made of premium material - durable, safe. Clear design for easy removal and safe for pet to use.

Water pump

Useful for pumping water from the water dispenser. No dripping or leaking from plastic and complies with food packing regulations.